Can You Keep Up Without Losing Your Footing? ANTA X Donte DiVincenzo

ANTA x Donte DiVincenzo Collaboration

In every sport, success hinges on mastering basic movements. Perfecting these can make everything else in the game flow seamlessly. Fundamentally, sports are about repetition. Master the basics, and success is yours. However, every basketball player faces a critical challenge: how do you keep your speed without losing stability?


Donte DiVincenzo, known for his speed, agility, and resilience on the court, embodies the essence of what it takes to enhance performance in basketball. His journey, marked by both highs and lows, has fueled a passion for addressing this very question. The collaboration between ANTA and DiVincenzo presents the perfect solution, offering shoes designed to support dynamic play while safeguarding against the rigors of the game.

ANTA x Donte DiVincenzo Collaboration

Engineered with precision, the ANTA Zap 1 introduces a suite of features aimed at enhancing the guard's performance. The full-length Nitro Edge foam promises unparalleled cushioning, transforming each landing into a springboard for the next move. The mesh upper, reinforced with a durable TPU film, offers breathability without compromising on the strength needed to withstand the game's intensity. The inclusion of ANTA's anti-rollover structure ensures that each pivot and turn is executed with confidence, offering stability in the most critical moments.


The shoe's innovative lacing system is meticulously designed to secure the foot, providing a snug fit that adapts to rapid movements and sudden changes in direction. This thoughtful integration of technology mirrors the balance players must maintain between agility and control, propelling them toward their next play with both precision and grace.

ANTA x Donte DiVincenzo Collaboration

As you aim to leave your own mark on the court, the ANTA X DiVincenzo collaboration offers you the tools to elevate your game. Inspired by DiVincenzo's growth and resilience, these shoes encourage you to master your own fundamentals with confidence.

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