More ANTA KAI 1 “Artist On Court” are Coming

ANTA KAI 1 "Artist On Court" Drop

Hey ANTA Fam, 


That was a wild ride. We did not expect the ANTA KAI 1 “Artist On Court” Drop to sell out as fast as it did. Thanks to everyone who stood by on the website in preparation for this drop.


To those who have missed out, we know you are disappointed. We’re currently working on reviewing suspicious orders. Don’t worry, as we are preparing more pairs of ANTA KAI 1 “Artist On Court” very soon. 


To all the MVPs who managed to get yourself a pair of ANTA KAI 1 “Artist On Court” sneakers, congratulations! By securing a pair you are a part of an exclusive group of individuals, who are now the proud owners of Kyrie Irving’s very first ANTA signature shoe. 


Our next drops are right around the corner. Keep your head in the game, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media to stay updated on all future releases and events. We promise there will be many more opportunities to get your hands on the ANTA KAI 1.


Thank you ANTA Members, your support allows us to make game-changing moves. Keep Moving with ANTA!