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ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward
A Tribute to Gaming: ANTA Gordon Hayward GH5 Sneakers

Gordon Hayward has always been more than just an athlete. With the release of his 5th signature shoe, the ANTA GH5, Gordon pays homage to his love for gaming while pushing the boundaries of athletic footwear design.

ANTA C202 5 GT Race Running Shoes
Unleash Your Marathon Mojo with The ANTA C202 5 GT Running Shoes

Lace up those running shoes and let’s get ready to dive into the exciting world of marathon greatness with the ANTA C202 5 GT running shoes. Ideal for both marathon regulars and everyday joggers.

ANTA KAI 1 Users' Review
In Their Own Words: ANTA KAI 1 User Experiences

On behalf of the ANTA US team and Kyrie Irving himself, thank you for the overwhelming support you've shown for the ANTA KAI 1s so far. We appreciate you, we see you and we won’t forget

ANTA Running
Run with Passion, Run with ANTA

Whether you're a marathon elite or a trailblazing adventurer, run with passion, run with ANTA. Experience the thrill of the race and the joy of exploration with the latest innovations in ANTA running shoes.

ANTA Shock Wave 5 Pro Moon
Shoot For The Stars With ANTA Shock Wave 5 Pro Moon

The ANTA Shock Wave 5 Pro Moon sneakers have been specifically designed to elevate your game. By blending both celestial elegance with superior performance features, you can be sure to catch the eye of basketball enthusiasts as well as stylish individuals.