A Tribute to Gaming: ANTA Gordon Hayward GH5 Sneakers

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward has always been more than just an athlete. Throughout his career, he's maintained a passion for gaming. Now, with the release of his 5th signature shoe, the ANTA GH5, Gordon pays homage to his love for gaming while pushing the boundaries of athletic footwear design.


Once a Gamer, Always a Gamer

From his early days as a gamer and becoming an all star basketball player, Hayward's passion for gaming continues. The ANTA GH5 Gamer Pack brings that same dedication to both his virtual and physical pursuits.


Breaking Boundaries

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

The ANTA GH5 Gamer Pack boasts a host of features designed to elevate performance:

  1. Cushioning: Full-length nitrogen technology delivers unparalleled rebound, ensuring swift and responsive movement.
  2. Support: Lateral TPU surround coverage and inner and outer rubber turn-up design provide stability and support during intense gaming sessions.
  3. Protection: Special foam treatment in the heel, mid-waist TPU components, and torsion-resistant carbon plate design offer maximum protection and stability.
  4. Lightweight: Despite its robust features, each size 43 shoe weighs a mere 375 grams, allowing for agile movements without sacrificing support.
  5. Agility: Specially designed outsole texture facilitates lateral movement, giving gamers the edge they need to outmaneuver opponents.


Dunkin’ Design

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

The ANTA GH5 Gamer Pack doesn't just excel in performance, it also stands out in style. The metal coating ANTA logo adds a touch of sophistication and texture and the grid design on the tongue mimics the air outlet of a game console, while embedded game graphics in the upper fabric material pay homage to Hayward's gaming roots. 

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

The outsole pattern is inspired by Gordon's childhood memories of the Rocky Mountains, with five triangular window designs reminiscent of game controller buttons and the TPU parts embedded with carbon plates enhance torsional stability, ensuring gamers can stay grounded during intense gameplay.


Go Gamers

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

The ANTA GH5 Gamer Pack introduces a range of themed colors, including Glitch, and Fortress Party, each inspired by iconic elements of gaming culture. Glitch is inspired by infamous graphical glitches in old school video games, while Fortress Party is a homage to Gordon’s favorite game which he streams from time to time. Embrace the visual artistry of glitch effects in gaming with this striking colorway that captures the essence of emerging digital aesthetics.


Chance to Win

ANTA GH5 Basketball Shoes - Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward invites gamers to elevate their performance both on and off the screen, combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design for an unparalleled gaming experience. From May 10th to May 16th, subscribers and purchasers of the ANTA GH5 will have an exclusive chance to win a full order refund, making this the perfect opportunity to level up your gaming gear.