ANTA Athletes

ANTA x Gordan Hayward Collaboration
Answering the Call: Gordon Hayward's Comeback with ANTA

Hayward's story is a powerful reminder of ANTA's motto: "Keep Moving." Don't throw in the towel, keep pushing, keep moving, no matter what. With Gordon Hayward and ANTA, the game is always on.

ANTA x Kenenisa Bekele Collaboration
When Pressure Creates Diamonds: Kenenisa Bekele's Path with ANTA

Join us as we unveil the ANTA x Kenenisa Bekele line, a collection and partnership that symbolizes the heart of a long-distance warrior and the soul of a relentless dreamer.

ANTA x Donte DiVincenzo Collaboration
Can You Keep Up Without Losing Your Footing? ANTA X Donte DiVincenzo

As you aim to leave your own mark on the court, the ANTA X DiVincenzo collaboration offers you the tools to elevate your game. Inspired by DiVincenzo's growth and resilience, these shoes encourage you to master your own fundamentals with confidence.

ANTA x Klay Thompson Collaboration
Lacing Up with a Legend: The Klay Thompson Story

Klay's partnership with ANTA is a testament to the dreamer in each of us. Every step is your chance to carve your own path to greatness, inspired by a guy who started with just a dream and a pair of sneakers.

What Drives a Legend? Kyrie Irving's Journey to Greatness
What Drives a Legend? Kyrie Irving's Journey to Greatness

Join us as we unveil the ANTA x Kyrie Irving line, a collection that embodies the spirit of a champion, the creativity of an artist, and the heart of a warrior.